In English

This debut album has been described as freeformrock, psychedelic rock with some jazz influence. The songs are everday reflections and ideas presented with music, sounds, videos and words.
The music is enlightened by the rock history such as Nick Kent, Patti Smith and Chuck Klosterman, among others, write it. Influences are also The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Robert Fripp, Pink Floyd and Jeff Beck.
From these inspired sources of words, music and an imaginative idea world, the music search and found it´s own musical identity through testing how far it can travel into the musical soundscape.
The different musicians characteristics and style have been incorporated to work together as one to create the experience of the magical island of Manhattan.

My good fortune to stay in the heart of Manhattan on multple occasions for prolonged periods of time over the last decade gave me the opportunity to seek out, digest and seek some more,
the sounds and images that are the foundation and inspiration of this project.
My fascination with the never-ending energy called Manhattan, with it’s itensity, dreams, lust, pulse and happenings has had a very strong impact on me and this strong impression has fed my imagination and my music throughout this project’s manifestation.
And I think it could/would be interesting for the people in NYC, Poughkeepsie, Woodstock and elsewhere to listen to how a guy from Sweden experiences NYC.
Something new every day, no day without progress … I´m so facsinated!